“Imagine you’re a salmon, travelling against the stream of waves just to return home… that’s what applying for a UK visa feels like.”

Our future goals for the UK immigration industry:

  1. Offer a better service for immigrants to apply for a UK visa

    Applying for a visa is like setting your foot into a ruthless maze, with a confusing map in your hand. You may get stuck, lose resources, feel helplessly stressed and much more.While we don’t have the power to change the entire visa system (because we’re not the Home Office), we can turn this labyrinth into a highway, so you can retrieve the control of your path.

  2. Core changes at Home Office with the way that visa’s are processed

    Although we’re not the Home Office, we do have a grand ambition to become the first bottom-up consultancy for them, where we could represent the voice of UK immigrants and help to reshape a better visa system.

  3. Change the way the British public sees immigrants

    In order to build a harmonic society, we must learn to understand each other’s viewpoints. We aim to create a community that encourages locals and immigrants to share their thoughts on each other and to defeat immigrants' myths together.