Let's do something

Dec 27, 2022

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Hello, people on the Internet 👋

As you may or may not know, Team Salmo started building the proper beta website in March 2022. You may also know that web development takes a lot of time, so after almost a year of working... we're still working on it.

In the meantime, content writing has been a turbulent plan in progress. Initially, we thought of creating proper monthly issues in print and digital formats, a one-pager with only one side image and the other as text. The idea was to invite artists/designers and writers each month to interpret immigration under the context of a given topic. There could be illustrations, posters, photographs, quizzes, interviews, commentaries and so on... the digital version could even have interactive media works, such as short videos, animations, and games... who knows?

But it's easy to dream and harder to make. When expectation meets reality, one has to surrender or simplify fantasies into plans. So after months of trying and stressing and retrying, this is the "simplest" version of the monthly issue. We will, of course, continue to pursue any possibility of making the dream happen, but for now, it's more important to get things out there (and gain some marketing budget).

In the future, the monthly issue will be called SLICE – like a slice of salmon fillet. In the meantime, it's just Salmo. We hope you enjoy our little update, and we will be releasing more writings to wow your palette soon!