Count your days to get settled.

Plan and prepare your ILR route to Salmo.

Different ILR routes,
different rules.

There are two ways to settle in the UK: 3/5-year and 10-year routes. Both routes cannot leave the UK for over 180 days in a single trip and in any 12 months.

The 10-year route has an extra rule of a maximum of 548 travel days limit on top.

180 days in ANY 12 months: what does this actually mean?

Here's an example: 01 Jan 2023 to 01 Jan 2024 is a set of 12 months. Easy. But 2 Jan 2023 to 2 Jan 2024 also counts. And it goes on.

This means there are 365 sets of 12 months every year, and if you travelled for over 180 days at any given overlap, you'll have to restart your counts.

Confusing, right?
These are just the tip of the iceberg.

This is why we created the ILR Tracker.

Step 1: Record

Fill in your travel days, that's all you need to do. We'll keep them safe.

Step 2: Analyse

We analyse your visa history and travel record to find the best ILR route for you to apply.

Step 3: Calculate

Our ILR Tracker applies all the immigration rules to count your days and important dates.

And much more.

Spot the issues.

ILR Tracker can flag the issues and provide possible solutions.

Both routes? Done.

Eligible for both? No problem. You can easily compare both results.


Download your record in PDF file for your ILR application.

Say goodbye to restart.

Maintain your ILR eligibility. Stay on track while there's still time.

Limited launch offer: £1.99/m for the first six months.

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"Salmo’s ILR Tracker helped me to realise I should go with 5 year instead of 10 year route; instead of waiting for another year, if I switch route, I could apply immediately.

After following the suggested dates on the tracker, I sent off my application. 5.5 months later, I got my ILR!"

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